4 Reasons Your Commercial Roof Might Become Damaged

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4 Reasons Your Commercial Roof Might Become Damaged

Taking care of your property includes taking care of the roof. When not properly maintained, there are small issues that can turn into large issues. As a property manager, it’s your job to ensure the roof is in good repair at all times. Regular inspections can help you fulfill that duty. The following are four reasons your commercial roof might be experiencing damage.

1. Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential in keeping your roof in good condition, though many property owners fail to stay on top of it. A regular inspection can help you locate small leaks and other types of minor damage. When they are discovered, they can be repaired so you don’t end up with deeper, more costly damages in the future. Keeping up on maintenance is especially important if there is no slope to your roof.

2. Installation Issues

If someone installed your roof incorrectly, or if something was left out of the process, it’s possible your roof will leak or become damaged much more quickly than it would otherwise. You should always enlist the help of the professionals to install your commercial roof.

3. Wind Damage

It typically takes a good gust of wind to damage your roofing materials, but it can happen. Wind damage includes loose shingles, missing nails, and other similar issues. When your roof is regularly inspected, with special attention after a big wind, these issues can be caught early in order to avoid more severe damage.

4. UV Radiation

The sun is great, but it can cause your roof to deteriorate at a quicker speed. Asphalt shingles are especially susceptible to UV radiation, and once the deterioration begins, the inner layers of roofing materials are exposed to the elements. This creates a chain reaction of damage on your roof.

Contacting a Roofer for Help

As a commercial property owner or manager, you owe it to yourself to keep up on roof maintenance. Contact Rain Man Roofing today by calling 623-888-8740 or sending us an email to learn more about what you can do to protect the roof.

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