Why Your Roof Is Leaking and What You Can Do About It

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Why Your Roof Is Leaking and What You Can Do About It

Ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ceiling .

When you realize there’s a leak in your roof, it’s often too late to fix it before it causes damage. Fortunately, if you can have it repaired in a reasonable amount of time, the damage will be less extensive. Why does your roof leak? How do you fix it? Can you prevent it?

The “Why” to Your Roof Leak

With so many different possible scenarios, it’s impossible to say exactly why your roof is leaking without a professional inspection, though there are some common reasons they tend to leak. For example:

  • Age – A roof that is over 15 years old is more likely to develop areas where it can leak, and a roof that is nearing 30 years may have some serious damage that allows water in.
  • Drainage – If your drainage system isn’t properly cleaned out at all times, it could cause the water to pool up instead of drain out. This can cause a host of issues as the water looks for another way off the roof.
  • Debris – When debris builds up on the roof, it can deteriorate the materials. When those materials are compromised, it allows moisture inside.

How You Can Prevent a Leak

The main thing you can do to prevent a roof leak is to be proactive about it. Sometimes leaks just happen regardless of the action you take to prevent them, but the more proactive you are, the less likely your roof will experience a leak. Some prevention items include having regular inspections, keeping up on maintenance, and repairing problem areas as soon as they arise.

Hiring a Professional

Another way to prevent roof leaks is to hire the professionals any time you have a roofing project. Whether you’re experiencing an emergency in the middle of the night, need a small repair, or are looking for a full replacement, the professionals have the experience it takes. Contact Rain Man Roofing by calling 623-888-8740 or emailing us today!

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