3 Ways to Postpone a Roof Replacement

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3 Ways to Postpone a Roof Replacement

Flat roof with skylight and hydro insulation membranes

If your commercial roof is in need of a replacement, it’s going to cost you more than if it needs a few repairs. How can you keep from paying those high costs? The following are three ways to prevent having to replace your commercial roof before its time.

Be Aware of Environmental Hazards

Regardless of where your commercial building is located, the roof is going to be susceptible to environmental hazards. The key is being aware of what those hazards are so you can watch out for small issues before they become bigger problems. For example, are there a lot of trees surrounding your building? When the wind blows, the brushing of branches against your roofing materials will wear it out faster than it should. You might consider cutting those branches back.

The roof could also take a beating from the sun and extremely hot temperatures. If your building is located in such a climate, you’ll want to watch for blistering and be sure to repair it as it arises. If it rains quite often, or even on rare occasions, be sure to look for pooling and water damage.

Regularly Inspect the Roof

Whether you hire someone for a professional inspection, or conduct one yourself, it’s important that you regularly inspect the roof. This is the best way to find those problem areas before its too late.

Promptly Take Care of Repairs

One of the most common types of roof damage is a split. From regular wear and tear, the weather, and even people walking on the roof, splits can happen. Whether you’ve noticed a leak or have actually seen the split, be sure to take care of the repair as soon as possible. Other repairs should also happen promptly to avoid more serious damage that could lead to replacement.

Contact the Professionals

When you’re in the market for commercial roofing or waterproofing services, contact Rain Man Roofing by calling 623-888-8740 or sending us an email!

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