How Roof Maintenance Protects Staff and Guests

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How Roof Maintenance Protects Staff and Guests

Roof maintenance is a protective measure. It protects your building from damage but also protects your staff, tenants, clients, and other guests from potential injuries. For your flat roof to be considered safe, you need to have a maintenance plan.

Protecting Staff on the Roof

Maintenance staff will have to access the roof. If your roof has ponding water, weak spots, or other damage, it is possible that the workers could get seriously injured. Roof maintenance includes checking the seams where two pieces of roofing material meet. While these areas require sealant, they are still prone to leaking. Any water leak can lead to significant roof damage.

Likewise, penetrations in the roof, such as AC units, air vents, skylights, and more, can allow water to get through the roof. This occurs when a contractor does not cut the roofing material properly to accommodate the unit. If you have staff on the roof, you have to make sure that there is no way for them to fall or injure themselves. 

Protecting Guests Below

Water damage poses a significant risk to a lot of people. If you have water damage, not only does the water seep through to the building, but it can lead to mold and mildew growth within the building. It can also weaken the roofing system and lead to collapse or other materials falling into the building. 

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