4 Steps to a Roof Inspection

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4 Steps to a Roof Inspection

If you want to maintain the longevity of your commercial roof, you have to take care of it. One of the best ways to ensure that your roof receives the best possible care is to perform regular inspections. Without regular inspections, minor issues go undetected until they become large, costly issues.

Check for Debris

Debris is one of the most common enemies of roofing. There should never be debris clogging your gutters or downspouts. When your roof cannot drain properly, the water will pool and lead to significant damage internally and externally.

Make sure that there is no debris on the roof or in the gutters to prevent harm to the roof deck. Also, scan for any tree limbs, wires, branches, or any other hazards that may be hanging low.

Look for Water Damage

Any ponding water or drips into the building is a serious warning sign. Water should always be draining away from the roof rather than accumulating. If there is any sign of water pooling or damage associated with water, it is time to use a professional’s assistance.

Keep an Eye out for Vegetation

If you see vegetation growing on your roof, it could indicate that you have a pocket of moisture. With the right moisture, seeds, and other attributes, your roof can easily become a hydroponic system. Unfortunately, unless you have a green roof, this can severely damage your building.

At Rain Man Roofing, we can ensure that your roof is healthy through regular inspections. If any issues are found, we can repair them before they cause severe damage. To learn more, call 623-888-8740 or email us today!

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