The Best Approach for Spotting Roof Defects

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The Best Approach for Spotting Roof Defects

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Your commercial roof represents a sizable investment, one that you want to maximize in every possible way. A failed roof in Arizona or northern California can result in damage to the structure of your building as well as to the expensive items beneath the roof. Spotting roof defects before they become significant issues requires a sound approach.

Some inspections you can do by yourself or with your maintenance crew. This allows you to spot obvious problems such as pooling water, missing shingles, or broken gutters. However, it is critical to know when to call in professional help. At Rain Man Roofing, we have the expertise you need.

The Importance of Professional Help

When it comes to roof inspections, not all issues are apparent. Some require a trained eye to spot before water begins streaming through the roof. Our roofing experts can identify these often hard to spot concerns:

  • Roof shrinkage caused by lousy installation techniques
  • Alligatoring due to extreme heat and UV rays
  • Improper ventilation stemming from shoddy installation
  • Penetrations around chimney and vent areas from the cracked sealant

Not all problems result in a roof leak right away. Sooner more likely than later, though, issues such as shrinkage and cracked sealant will allow water into your building. Fortunately, close attention to the details of your roof will keep the structure sound for many years.

The Value of Quality Repairs

Spotting roof defects quickly can save your company money and a lot of frustration. No matter the issue, at Rain Man Roofing, we will have the appropriate solution. Our team of roofing professionals will also finish the job to high standards. Whether your commercial roof needs a simple patch up, ventilation enhancement or, an entire replacement roof, we can complete the job to your satisfaction. Contact us today at 623-888-8740 or email us for quality roof work

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