Why Invest in Quality Commercial Roofing System?

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3 Tips for Installing Solar Panels On Your Commercial Property
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Why Invest in Quality Commercial Roofing System?

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How often do you get to work and look up at the roof, wondering how it’s holding up? Not often, hopefully. A strong roof is as valuable an asset as your business has but probably the most unsung. At Rain Man Roofing, we like to spend our days thinking about commercial roofing. We know that there are many reasons to invest in a durable, weatherproof roofing system.

It Looks the Part

A tricky part of commercial roof installations is figuring out what type of roofing system is most applicable to which type of structure. A built-up roofing system, for instance, is appropriate for a flat roof. In contrast, a corrugated sheet metal roof can withstand massive winds and extreme temperatures and reflect the sun’s rays, saving on cooling costs. Standing seam roofs are thicker than sheet metal and cost two to three times more. A savvy commercial roof investor will know to use the sheet metal for a warehouse scenario and the better-looking standing seam for office or public spaces. We like a roof that matches its structure, right down to pricing.

It Literally Keeps You Dry

Lest we discount this most obvious statement, think about the peace of mind you get from being indoors when a storm is raging around you. Now think about your business essentials, safe and sound under that same roof. If that new high school gymnasium roof leaks when it rains, you’ve got disruptions and potential injuries to students and the beginnings of rot and decay. How can your sales team reach today’s quota when water streams through the drop ceiling? The security of a quality roof is worth spending the money to get a professional company to do it right.

It Is Quiet Comfort

A quality roofing system communicates something to your clients, too. When rain is not dripping from the brand-new gymnasium ceiling, nobody’s at risk, nobody’s work looks shoddy, and everyone is happy. Contact us at 623-888-8740 or email us for your commercial roofing needs. We offer quality service at a reasonable price.

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