The Reason Why Commercial Buildings Have Flat Roofs

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How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?
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The Reason Why Commercial Buildings Have Flat Roofs

The Reason Why Commercial Buildings Have Flat Roofs

A flat roof isn’t flat. Roofers build it with a low slope. This allows water to drain off the roof and not pool on it. 

However, pooling water is still an issue on flat roofs. If it isn’t dealt with, the water can slip through into the building below. With such an issue, one has to wonder: why do business buildings have flat roofs so often?

This is likely because of the many flat roof benefits. If you are thinking about getting one but the disadvantages leave you unconvinced, read on. Knowing the benefits will help you make a better educated decision. 

Why Do Business Buildings Have Flat Roofs: Easier Maintenance 

Flat roofs are the easiest type of roof to maintain. It’s easier for professional roofers to walk around on flat roofs to clean, repair, and inspect them. This means that the maintenance time, and thus cost, will be much less than with other roofs. 

Lower Construction Cost 

The initial construction of a flat roof also costs less. It takes a lot more material to build a sloped roof than a flat one. This is because of the differences in the overall surface area. 

Commercial Flat Roofs Are Versatile 

Flat roofs can be more than just protection against the elements. Many roofing companies can make a flat roof into the equivalent of another roof. For example, roofers have transformed many flat roofs into gardens

Less Complex

When it comes to a residential vs commercial building structure, commercial buildings often have more square footage. If roofers designed a sloped roof for such a building, the peak would be very tall. 

Such a sloped roof would be needlessly difficult and expensive to design and construct. Also, the building codes in some places may make such a height illegal. 


A flat roof can be a great way to make up for a lack of storage in your commercial building design. You can easily use the space on top of a flat roof to store equipment.

If you do this, though, remember to protect this equipment against the elements. 

HVAC Units 

The shape of outdoor HVAC units makes it difficult to place them on a sloped roof. If a building owner keeps them on the ground, however, they will be prone to theft and vandalism. 

A flat roof can solve these issues. Its nearly flat surface is the perfect place to put an HVAC unit. If this is done, the unit will be safer.

When You’re Ready for a Commercial Flat Roof, Call Us 

If you’re still not sure if you want a flat roof on your building or not, don’t worry. Know that an answer to the ‘why do business buildings have flat roofs’ question isn’t ‘they just chose the first option’. Choosing a flat roof for your building is an important decision that deserves time and care. 

When you’re ready to install a flat roof on your building, contact us. We’re a professional roofing company that offers roof repair, replacement, and maintenance. If you need a replacement, we can provide you with the right solution that fits your budget.  

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