The Best Drainage Options for Flat Roofs

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The Best Drainage Options for Flat Roofs

Proper drainage is an underappreciated feature of roads, landscaping, and roof systems. When the drainage is working perfectly, hardly anyone notices; however, when a drainage system is not working, it creates big problems and a lot of people notice. This is certainly true for flat roofs on commercial buildings. Standing water on a roof can quickly degrade roofing materials. A lot of water in one place creates extra weight. Most importantly, poor drainage can lead to leaks. Here are three of the best options for drainage systems for flat roofs.

1. Gutters

This familiar system is cost-effective and it works in many situations. So long as the gutters are kept clean of debris, the water will pour off the roof, flow into the gutters, and then descend through downspouts and disperse across the ground. It’s important to make sure the downspouts are directing water away from the foundation and areas that naturally accumulate water.

2. Interior Drains

These systems can easily be customized to accommodate a variety of flat roof systems. They are strategically placed on the roof in areas that accumulate rainwater and then drain the water through pipes in the walls, eventually dispersing the water outside. A quality strainer on each drain will help keep debris from clogging the pipes. Periodic inspections should be scheduled to make sure the drain and the pipes are operating efficiently.

3. Scuppers

These large, square openings are positioned along the roof edge and draw water away from the sides of commercial buildings. They can be combined with downspouts and gutters and are a cost-effective solution to drainage problems. Larger scuppers tend to have fewer problems with accumulated debris. This makes them relatively easy to maintain.

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