How To Care for Your Commercial Roof This Fall

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How To Care for Your Commercial Roof This Fall

With fall in full swing, you are probably going through the fall maintenance checklist for your commercial property. Does it include the roof? If you are unsure what maintenance to perform on your roof this fall, consider starting with the following.

Conduct an Assessment

Take a moment and make an assessment of the condition of your commercial roof. Note if there are any obvious signs of damage or obstruction. It’s important you check indoors as well, looking for leaks or stains that seem to be coming from up above. If any storms resulted in branches, garbage, or other debris landing on the roof, you should remove them during your inspection. The longer they’re up there, the more damage they’re going to cause.

When conducting an audit or assessment of your commercial roof, remember to put safety as your priority. Not every roof is safe, and some audits should be left to the professionals.

Clean Out the Gutters

Coming right off monsoon season, your gutters and drainage systems could be full of debris in the fall. Clear them out so you’re ready for whatever winter throws at you. If it’s safe for you to get up on the roof, you could do this yourself. If it’s not safe, be sure you hire someone to get it done.

Conduct Repairs

During your assessment, you may have noticed some areas that need repairs. Fall is a great time to take care of those repairs as the weather begins to cool down. It’s best to leave these types of repairs to the professionals so you don’t end up with leaks or areas that promote a lower standard of energy efficiency.

Contacting a Professional

When those summer temperatures begin to fall, it’s time to conduct some fall maintenance on your commercial roof. Contact the professionals at Rain Man Roofing today at 623-888-8740 to schedule maintenance.

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