Inspect Your Commercial Roof for These Signs of Damage

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Inspect Your Commercial Roof for These Signs of Damage

Protect your commercial property by routinely inspecting your commercial roof. While premium commercial roofing materials should protect your building for years, these signs require prompt attention. Don’t wait until your damaged roof causes further damage inside your building. Keep an eye out for the following issues.

Damaged Flashing

A common issue for all types of commercial roofs is damaged flashing. Flashing is the metal strips that protect the edges and corners of your roof. Whether you have a flat roof, a steel roof, or asphalt shingles, improperly installed flashing or damaged flashing can allow water to enter your building.

Check to see that your flashing isn’t bent, rusted, or improperly sealed. These all could allow water to enter your commercial building and damage your ceiling, leak into your wall cavities and cause additional damage.

Blistered or Cracked Surface

Your commercial roof should be relatively smooth and uniform. Inspect your flat roof for any blistering or cracking. This is a sign that moisture is trapped under the membrane and could create a hole. Similarly, asphalt shingles can warp, crack, or lose their gravel and compromise the watertight seal of your roof line.

Water Damage

Finally, if you don’t have an opportunity to visually inspect your roof, or if the damage is small and difficult to see, the first warning sign you may experience is water damage inside your building. From brown spots on your ceiling tiles to water dripping down your exterior walls, any water stains, damage, or musty odors could be caused by damage to your roof.

For a prompt assessment and full repair of your commercial roof, contact Rain Man Roofing today. Don’t let loose shingles, bent flashing, or improper caulking cause water to enter your building and damage your commercial property. Call 623-888-8740 or email us today to learn more.

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