What Warrants an Emergency Roof Repair?

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What Warrants an Emergency Roof Repair?

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As a property owner, you’re likely familiar with all the repairs that seem to creep up without notice. When it comes to the roof, you may have needed the gutters cleaned, your flashing repaired, and your fasteners tightened to keep the building in good condition. While those are typical repairs, there are others that would warrant an emergency roof repair. The following are scenarios that will give you a good idea of when to contact the professionals for an emergency repair.

1. Serious Wind Damage

Strong winds can wreak havoc on a roof. Metal panels and shingles often get torn off when the winds are high enough. When this happens, the underlying substrate can become seriously damaged. The damage begins to work its way down until it spreads to your building’s interior. If strong winds have ripped off any portion of your roof, call the professionals for an emergency repair.

2. Punctures

Tree limbs and other heavy debris can puncture a roof. Both the roofing materials and the underlying decking can become damaged. These types of damages can occur during a storm in which tree limbs are ripped from trees and thrown onto a roof, or when someone is cutting down trees nearby, and they fall the wrong way. No matter how it occurred, a roof puncture should be repaired immediately.

3. Lightning Strikes

In most cases, when lightning strikes a building, it will leave a hole. Whether it was lightning or some other natural incident that made a hole in the roof, everything in your building is exposed. Rain, debris, and more will enter your building’s interior, causing serious damage.

What to Do While You Wait

If you experience any of these situations or something similar and feel your commercial roof could benefit from an emergency repair, call the professionals immediately. It is important that you don’t try to complete the repair on your own, especially in the middle of a storm. Once you have contacted the professionals, shut off the main electrical supply and place buckets in the affected areas to catch any rainwater.

Learning More

When you’re in the middle of an emergency, you need someone with the experience to handle the situation correctly. Our team at Rain Man Roofing is equipped to handle any situation. Call 623-888-8740 or email us today to learn more.

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