Help Your Roof Survive the Summer

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Help Your Roof Survive the Summer

The elements can take a toll on your roof throughout the year. Summer is a great time to examine this structure for damage and fix problems that may have developed earlier in the year. At Rain Man Roofing, we can do a full inspection of your roof and advise you about the kinds of maintenance you might need.

Look for Signs of Water Damage

Snow and ice during the winter can cause damage to your roof, and summer showers can make this damage worse. Performing a visual check of your building can alert you to potential problems. Do you see water stains on the ceilings? Do you see mold or mildew? These may be signs that your roof is leaking. Damage to your roof can allow water to seep through to the underlying structure, causing structural problems for the whole building.

Consider the Age of the Roof

As your roof ages, the materials begin to wear out. Metal roofs may begin to rust and corrode, and shingles may dry out and crack. If you have had the same roof for several years, it may need more maintenance. At Rain Man Roofing, we can help you understand how to keep your roof in good shape as it ages.

Examine the Roofing Deck

Your commercial roof has a support structure called a roofing deck. Clogged gutters and torn flashing can allow water to penetrate through to the roofing deck. If the roof does not have enough ventilation, moisture can build up around this structure. If the roofing deck incurs damage, it may compromise the rest of the roof. These problems are usually easier to fix if you catch them early.

If you are ready to make sure that your roof can handle the elements all year long, contact the experts at Rain Man Roofing. We can inspect your roof and help you understand what you need to do to prevent future problems.

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